Saturday, July 17, 2010

Really, Really Outside The Box

My little sister had this string of huge black beads lying around at my mom's house, that was being abused. As in, these kids were hitting each other with them when they weren't being left between the couch cushions. So I asked to take them, thinking maybe I could figure out something nice to make with them. But they were kind of huge, so I set them aside and waited for inspiration to come along.
 Tah-dah! Striped and zany and chic. I combined them with some paint-splatter black and white beads and striped seeds that I never thought I'd use like this. Went asymmetrical, completely outside my 'monochromatic' box and got creative for a change. Never again will I write beads and components off so quickly for being too big, or too this, or too that, or anything. I can't wait for my next trip to Michaels!
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  1. You're right. Sometimes those over sized beads are perfect. It just takes an eye for balance.

    I love this piece.