Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summertime Safety! Fun, Fashion, and Avoiding Lobster Skin

Oh, the barbeques! Poolside margaritas, kids with water balloons...just a few great things about summer. However, being a fair skinned girl, the summer sun really chaps my hide (ha-ha). My family took a trip to the beach, and they all came back toasted red, despite their spray-on sunblock. Today I'm going to talk about sunblock basics, common mistakes in its use, and other matters of warm weather fun.

Things to know : Chemical sunscreens protect you from sunburn by absorbing UVB rays, not reflecting them-but they are very effective when applied as directed. Physical kinds, like ones that contain inert minerals such as zinc and titanium oxides, reflect both UVA and UVB rays away from your skin.
When it's cool/overcast your risk of damage is not reduced! Extended periods in the sun are still bad for your skin, and the rays effects will cumulate. You may not feel the burn until later.
Biggest mistake: Most sunblocks need to be applied at least 15 minutes before exposure, sometimes 30. Do not wait until you get to the beach, for example, to slather it on. The sun had already begun working on you the moment you left home.
Don't rub in spray-ons. Whatever type you choose, read the label. All SPF's and brands are not created equal, as far as how often they should be applied, etc. Most need to be reapplied after sweating or water sport, regardless of how waterproof they are supposed to be.
 Alright! So now we are a little better equipped with knowledge to protect our skin. Sometimes things do happen, and we miss a spot, or something goes wrong and we end up with a burn in spite of all advice...that's when I reach for 100% aloe vera gel, alcohol free. Slather it on and aim the cool air conditioner right at it.

Okay, so, skin care-check. What about good stuff? Like tasty beverages...

This "top secret" recipe is looking mighty fine. I bet it would look even better right here on my table. The heat always makes me want to pamper my skin with fresh and fragrant bath products, too. My favorite soap maker has some great selections just right for that!
 And then of course, the things to wear! This shop has some absolutely perfect goodies, like this:

 Gotta beat the heat somehow! I always lose the fight, me and 100+ degree weather can never seem to mesh well. But there are always certain things that make it all better. Stay cool!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I've Been A Busy Beading Bee

It's about time  to write a refresher course on the land of the eclectic lady. Or Drunkenmimes Ecclectic LadyLand,  that is. There have been so many things to do and create, and so much to learn. It's been a blast making new things with polymer clay, and learning about all of the amazing effects that can be made with it. One successful mica shift pair of earrings, and a lovely floral magazine transfer pendant are just a couple of my favorites.
Layer style necklaces can be especially fetching when the placement of shape is used to please the eye. For that, this is my best example:
Pretty soon my family will have to organize an intervention to get me to stop beading. It will never happen. They'll have to drag me kicking and screaming. Oh look, there's a bead on the floor, gotta go! But, before you leave, check out the pendants I've been hand painting as well.