Thursday, July 22, 2010

Polymer Clay Fun Pt.2

The brown is the result of trying to mix red and blue to make purple. The green heart and puzzle piece are from the same green mixture, but I used a sharpie on the heart. Yeah, sharpie! Well, it's alcohol ink right? Gloss on top seals it in. Could be better, but now I know it works. I bought some white premo, but it's cracking around the edges and needs some of that liquid restorer stuff.  It comes out alright mixed with others, though. The lighter green disc is from a mixture with more yellow in it. On the puzzle piece I used a pin to stipple in the middle and left that part un-glossed. I would have made more, but I sliced my thumb with my exacto knife, and freaked about the possibility of poisoning from all the poly-chemical residue on my hands. This stuff is wicked hard to scrub off!


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