Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kurt Vonnegut Lives Forever

Reading a novel by Kurt Vonnegut is usually like listening to a seasoned old man tell you the story of his life. Witty, satirical, and a little insane-absolutely wonderful. He incorporates real historical events and sometimes I actually go looking stuff up to find out if certain establishments or persons actually existed. His books are the non-fiction of fiction, in a way. Sometimes you are bombarded with a lot of strange and seemingly unimportant details, but the way he eventually ties it up will make you laugh.
Right now I am reading 'Hocus Pocus,' which is told from the perspective of a Vietnam war hero, "Hartke,"who after the war, begins teaching Physics at a college for the learning challenged. Although tenured,  Hartke is fired from the college for supposedly inspiring dis-patriotism in the minds and hearts of his students. Later, he takes a job teaching at a local prison. When there is a massive breakout, he is wrongly accused of being it's mastermind. Need I say more?
Incredibly funny, thought provoking, this book is being added to my list of favorites. K.V., you live on, rest in peace. (and screw Fox News for the way they snubbed you in their obit report)

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