Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pop Art, Pun Intended

Check out one of my latest collections on Artfire! It includes some really cool up-cycling. I love it when people make beautiful things out of materials that might otherwise be discarded.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Breakthrough in Red Lace

I'm always complaining about how hard it is when I do something completely new, and I need to stop that. But it was! Three days of humming and hawing, sitting and staring (do you ever do that, planning something in your head, all intense, and then someone walks by and shouts "WAKE UP!" at you, so rude. They have no idea the things they're interrupting, lol).
Anyway, the next time I do this it will be much easier. What I had sort of planned in my minds eye was much daintier, and chunkier. (The loops shorter, more large focal beads, and the whole necklace not quite as long). But I'm happy with my Flamenco-Victorian-Moulin Rouge-Ruffled Collar-Spanish Queen-Bib Necklace. Can't wait to do the next one. Gotta close my eyes, spin the color wheel, and see where my finger lands.
Artfire, Artfire, how I love Artfire! It's just come out of beta with new front and landing pages, a fantastic new Group Deal, and crazy prizes! You'll want to check that out now, to lock in a pro studio monthly rate of only $5.95. Yeah, only $5.95! But you have to sign up by October 1st, because that price will be long gone. I love browsing through all the awesome handmade gifts available on Artfire, and being apart of that artisan community is just invaluable. We have some amazing genius running the show too, who listen to what we have to say, and are very transparent about their plans with the venue. Listen to this from Tony and John podcast about the Group Deal . . . here. 
I'm so excited!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Spelled it Out

Just to make things clear:

You're missing out if you haven't
checked out the new Group Deal.
Visit Artfire, the best place to find great, unique, handmade gifts

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Artfire's New Deal

This is the hottest thing to hit the handmade online market since...the birth of the interwebs? $5.95 per month?!
You want in on this? Why would you not?!
here's what I'm going on about:
The Deal of the Century
And here are more details, complete with F.A.Q.'s:
Don't bookmark it for later, jump on it now! In order for this deal to work, we need a minimum of 20,000 sign-ups within a certain amount of time, and since around 5:30 pm Pacific time Tues when it was announced to the AF community, there are over 1500 today (wed 2:00 pm Pacific)-Remember there's a 50,000 limit!
There is nothing to lose by opting into this! If we reach our goal, you will have all the Pro-seller tools Artfire has to offer for only 6 bucks a month! Artfire does not charge listing or selling fees!
If you do not already have an Artfire sellers account, set up your basic today, and then opt in using the link provided in the forum post.
Together, we can win this for the best online selling venue for Handmade, Vintage, Fine Art, and Supplies EVER! 

Monday, September 13, 2010

My Me-Collection