Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My First Polymer Clay Fun

I bought a brick of royal blue Primo Sculpey from Michaels, some gloss glaze, and rubber stamps. (Haven't glazed yet). Now I wish I had bought white and some pigment powder, but anyway. The package of stamps only had one visible at the front, you couldn't see the others, and once I got it open the rest kind of sucked (go figure!). So the pretty one at the top is obviously stamped. I started hunting around the house for things to use, like pokers, a butterfly bead, and a puzzle piece. I really like the puzzle piece one, it just needs to be neater, less sloppy. I wonder if I can use the Sculpey Gloss glaze mixed with powder pigment on white Sculpey clay? Or do I just need to buy liquid sculpey for that now? And I need more stamps, too...this is going to get $$costly.


  1. Nice job on the stamps for your first time! They came out really well, the butterfly one is my favorite from the picture. I guess you just have to be creative and try using different things as stamps.
    Have you thought about making your own stamps? I'm not sure if it would work, but you might be able to carve them out of wood or something. It might be problematic with the sculpey sticking to it

  2. Thanks apricot, working on some more now. The white I bought is already in need of that liquid scupley stuff to restore it...arg!

  3. Be careful. This stuff is soooo addictive.

    Such fun! Your first attempts are really good. Just experiment.

    Good luck,