Tuesday, March 30, 2010

From The Factory

Size 6 seed beads in round, square, and triangle shapes, and bugle beads, make up the bulk of my "pantone" spread. My formulas usually include 4 to 6 different( size 6) seeds, one bugle, and several focals. I usually flow from smallest to largest in segments, but this "box" will be broken once I begin branching out into multi-stranded pieces.
Say, cameras are not easy to work with! I feel like a neanderthal around technology sometimes.
I wish all my pictures came out as well as the one at the top.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

got this from Type A Nightmare

why not? My Version
The ABC's of me:
A. Aesthetics are gold
B. Balanced
C. Crass, at times
D. Diligent
E. Eclectic
F. Forward
G. Generous
H. Happy
I. Intelligent
J. Jams
K. Kittens!
L. Lost
M. Memory good
N. Noncomformist
O. Optimistic
P. Pensive
Q. Quentin Tarantino!
R. Radical
S. Singing
T. Tickled
U. Unseasoned
V. Vigilant
W. Wacky
X. Xiomarra is a pretty name
Y. Yesterday
Z. Zesty

going on 6 yrs old

The only necklace I made for myself and kept was this emerald green heart-flower-thingy. No shape on the strand! But that was my taste at the time, everything was size 6 and under. It's still beautiful, though simple, and I will love it always.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Outside the Box

There are two sides to "thinking outside the box." Sometimes the box is a good thing. Keeping a box allows you to perfect it, and it's various sides and aspects will gleam from all the polish. Then there's that stubborn one that shows so much promise but yet won't line up the way it's supposed to; the flaps are nonadjacent, and you're about to chuck the whole thing all together... but a new idea dawns and you begin using tools outside the clumsy box to make it right. Good Times.
Fifteen years of jewelery making and the possibilities are always staggering. See the results of my favorite "formulas" here: www.artfire.com/users/Drunkenmimes