Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer is Starting to Pack Up Its Bags

Woohoo! Not quite there yet, being in the high eighties still, but compared to the last couple of months here in the high desert, aahhhhh relief! The past two days have been so nice, and soon we can say goodbye to hot, sticky, sweaty, suffering oven-like temperature, two-showers-a-day, high electric bill-blackout days. Did I make that clear and descriptive enough, lol.
This is where I go in my dreams sometimes:

           So today I am going to make a list of ten things I love. I am not going to list obvious things like 'a child's laughter,' 'my family,' or 'the company of a good friend,' even though those would be at the top. Please add to my list in comments if you feel so inclined.
1. Hair clips that still have all their teeth.
2. Carving pumpkins
3. Watching my little brother or sisters open a gift I know they're gonna flip over
4. A good novel
5. A movie that makes me want to watch it again immediately
6. Root Beer Cake (I have the recipe if you want it)
7. An eye exchange between two friends that know something no one else does
8. Creating something new, and successfully, the first time
9. Helping someone find a solution to a problem
10. Beautiful singing voices
I think I'm going to have to do this again! Well, in celebration of the coming new season, here are some Artfire Collections, full of autumn splendor, art, beauty, and handmade gifts.