Monday, July 26, 2010

The cute little monster just had to get a spot on here today. He is, after all, a furry little piece of my heart. His theme song is 'Steppin Razor' by Sublime.

Monday Movie Review #2 THE KILLING ROOM

This movie is a complete flop from the point of view of any viewer with an adequate sense of logic. A suspenseful flick about some clandestine government experiment involving psychological torture and the justified murder of innocent civilians. It will satisfy only the most sadistic moviegoer who has no need for believeable storyline. The plot is so full of holes that I found it difficult to watch to the end. It is not the premise itself that's hard to swallow, it's the way it's being sold.  It does not take any vast education in science to see, that the methods with which the 'experiments' in the film are conducted, are not the least bit scientific at all.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


These are going to be the last of my polymer clay creations for a while:

I can certainly be more creative with this stuff, but the cost of the proper tools and additional materials I need to do that are a bummer. I will pick it back up later on when I can afford it. Kudos to the awesome works of the skilled polymer clay artists I've seen, like Adamsarts and Haffina Creations . I wanna make stuff like them!
For now, I will do what I know best, beading. I've been stringing up like crazy every day, and it's exciting whenever I come up with something completely different than my usual style, like the bracelet above. Have a look at my studio to see the rest: Ecclectic LadyLand . And don't mind the drunken mime, he's harmless.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Polymer Clay Fun Pt.2

The brown is the result of trying to mix red and blue to make purple. The green heart and puzzle piece are from the same green mixture, but I used a sharpie on the heart. Yeah, sharpie! Well, it's alcohol ink right? Gloss on top seals it in. Could be better, but now I know it works. I bought some white premo, but it's cracking around the edges and needs some of that liquid restorer stuff.  It comes out alright mixed with others, though. The lighter green disc is from a mixture with more yellow in it. On the puzzle piece I used a pin to stipple in the middle and left that part un-glossed. I would have made more, but I sliced my thumb with my exacto knife, and freaked about the possibility of poisoning from all the poly-chemical residue on my hands. This stuff is wicked hard to scrub off!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My First Polymer Clay Fun

I bought a brick of royal blue Primo Sculpey from Michaels, some gloss glaze, and rubber stamps. (Haven't glazed yet). Now I wish I had bought white and some pigment powder, but anyway. The package of stamps only had one visible at the front, you couldn't see the others, and once I got it open the rest kind of sucked (go figure!). So the pretty one at the top is obviously stamped. I started hunting around the house for things to use, like pokers, a butterfly bead, and a puzzle piece. I really like the puzzle piece one, it just needs to be neater, less sloppy. I wonder if I can use the Sculpey Gloss glaze mixed with powder pigment on white Sculpey clay? Or do I just need to buy liquid sculpey for that now? And I need more stamps, too...this is going to get $$costly.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Really, Really Outside The Box

My little sister had this string of huge black beads lying around at my mom's house, that was being abused. As in, these kids were hitting each other with them when they weren't being left between the couch cushions. So I asked to take them, thinking maybe I could figure out something nice to make with them. But they were kind of huge, so I set them aside and waited for inspiration to come along.
 Tah-dah! Striped and zany and chic. I combined them with some paint-splatter black and white beads and striped seeds that I never thought I'd use like this. Went asymmetrical, completely outside my 'monochromatic' box and got creative for a change. Never again will I write beads and components off so quickly for being too big, or too this, or too that, or anything. I can't wait for my next trip to Michaels!
I bead almost every day, so be sure to check out my studio when you're looking for unique, handmade jewelry

Friday, July 16, 2010

Strange Weather

So yesterday it got up to 107 degrees out here, in Rosamond, CA. (it is the Antelope Valley High Desert) But out of nowhere we got a thunderstorm. Loudest thunder I have ever heard in my life, lightning, and pouring rain that filled the gutters inside ten minutes, and lasted for a couple of hours. Strangest weather change I have ever seen in my lifetime, even when it hailed one day in June back when I was in high school. Oh yeah, and the power was out, for about six hours. Good grief, it was miserable. What do you do? Read a book by candlelight? Lay out on your roof and test fate? You certainly couldn't call anyone from a cordless phone. Nope, you go to the store (one far enough away that they still have electricity, of course) and buy some BEER!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Hot and Sunny Christmas Pt. 2

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade
My previous post about this event would have been twice as long, had the formatting not driven me crazy. So here, the gorgeous parade of my favorite Christmas In July items continue strutting down the catwalk:
 Whoops, that's my Marley, and he's not for sale, although he does like to strut down catwalks =D.
Look at this beautiful two-tone scarf by Camille. $26 is a steal!
 I am such a sucker for color. Look at the way the pendant ties in with the beads on this peacock piece by jcjools:
And you're not gonna find this in the department store, not yet anyway! Wild Child Dzigns has the perfect gift for the young chickadee, and tons of other amazing garments:
Minaude has some great deals going on at this studio, and great talent too! I wonder if she could give me some tips on how to braid/weave the strands like that. Such a nice effect!
There are so many wonderful gifts to choose from, see them all here: 
Starting today, I will be offering %10 off all items, plus two other coupons including free shipping on all orders $45 and over. Happy Christmas Surfing!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Hot and Sunny Christmas

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade 
Come and check us out on Artfire for the Twelve Days of Christmas in July Celebration. Many studios will be offering sales and discounts, and it will be a great opportunity to get some of your holiday shopping done early. No store-bought present is as special and timeless as a gift that's handmade. Here are some of my favorite items from studios participating in this event:
Your Time
-This beautiful abstract wire wrap is great for fall, but I'd wear it any time. This studio is full of wonderful wire wrapped jewelry. 

 Speaking of wire wrap, look at this one from Spiral's studio:
look at this incredible wrap by ilojo2!

and how adorable is this tree ornament by Creative Critters!

And of course, I've made some bling for your tree too:
 Why hassle through crowds during the holiday season, when you could be enjoying the company of friends? Why go out and buy the same stuff for your family that 10,000 other people will also be receiving, and that is also sold at +1000 percent profit? 
Come to and check our beautiful, handmade, one of a kind treasures. Spend fall and winter with your family and friends instead of rushing around the mall.
Here is a beautiful and festive lanyard by Pink Clouds and Angels:
 I have many great gifts in my studio, in addition to ornaments:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kurt Vonnegut Lives Forever

Reading a novel by Kurt Vonnegut is usually like listening to a seasoned old man tell you the story of his life. Witty, satirical, and a little insane-absolutely wonderful. He incorporates real historical events and sometimes I actually go looking stuff up to find out if certain establishments or persons actually existed. His books are the non-fiction of fiction, in a way. Sometimes you are bombarded with a lot of strange and seemingly unimportant details, but the way he eventually ties it up will make you laugh.
Right now I am reading 'Hocus Pocus,' which is told from the perspective of a Vietnam war hero, "Hartke,"who after the war, begins teaching Physics at a college for the learning challenged. Although tenured,  Hartke is fired from the college for supposedly inspiring dis-patriotism in the minds and hearts of his students. Later, he takes a job teaching at a local prison. When there is a massive breakout, he is wrongly accused of being it's mastermind. Need I say more?
Incredibly funny, thought provoking, this book is being added to my list of favorites. K.V., you live on, rest in peace. (and screw Fox News for the way they snubbed you in their obit report)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Movie Review #1 MIRRORMASK

'Mirrormask' (2005) Dave McKean, Neil Gaiman

A movie with extraordinary artwork and funny acting. It's basically a story about a young girl who has gone, in a dream, to a fantasy world where she winds up on an adventurous mission to save that world from doom. I was reminded of Clive Barker's "Abarat," novel, the art of Salvador Dali and Ralph Steadman, all rolled into one, if you can picture that. My twelve-year-old sister enjoyed it very much, so gather your family around this one for a treat on your movie night.  

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's Hot

My bare feet cook on the steaming blacktop
and blisters are beginning to form.
I try to shield my face with my sunburned hands
as a drop of sweat rolls down from my scalp
and into my eye, stinging.
A hot blast of wind comes suddenly, from the north,
with such force that it knocks me down,
and my knees begin to scorch.
Fuck this shit, I'm going swimming.