Friday, August 20, 2010

More Creations Outside My Box

 Wow, was this necklace hard to do! I had the whole design in my head when I bought that round thing, which was a pendant. (Would you still call it a pendant now?) It was complicated, and I made it more so because I like to improvise, rather than lay out a concrete pattern. I just went by the image in my head, and work all the parts at the same time. I didn't use a measuring tape, or any kind of template, because I find that stuff constricting. So to measure while in progress, I had to carefully pick up the ends of each strand and hold them up, or around my neck, etc. I just have to do things the hard way, I've always been told. C'est la vie. And I wont even get started on the photography and editing...
   So anyway, I'm very happy with it, and I hope I can continue working 'outside my box' so that by the fourth quarter my work will truly reflect my shop name. I love Artfire for many reasons, and one of them is that we have a great community of inspiring peers. Be sure to come check us out, whether you're looking for handmade gifts , gift ideas, vintage, or just want to hang out in the lounge.


  1. It looks fabulous!!Does the flower stay there or does it fall to the bottom? Its very difficult to get them balanced correctly to stay in place. You did an excellant job.

  2. Thanks Candy! No, it doesn't fall at all-the focal is a lot lighter than the chains. On the black bust photo I positioned it that way on purpose, cuz I wanted to show it both ways.

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