Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Book Review #2 'The Darkest Evening of The Year', Dean Koontz (2007)

I'll keep my review of the book short, because I have more to say about the author. A dog lover and rescuer with a mysterious past finds herself in danger. For those who have read Dean Koontz before, you will find all of this very familiar.
  Koontz's writing style is very vivid, poetic, and lovely. You can easily relate to and empathize with his characters, and he has a knack for bringing the reader to tears. His plots are suspenseful and pulse-quickening, too. I love the page-turner quality, and the fact that once I get into one of his novels, I find it very hard to put down. It's kind of addicting.
   But I have been reading D.K. since I was twelve years old, and along the way certain things have become tiresome. Endless descriptions of trees, shrubs, and flowers in moonlight-the stucco and patinas-the mysterious vibes in the air, etc. His main characters are always the same likeable, witty, funny, people-if not the main character, then it's the one whom our main character turns to for advice, or their best friend. They are all the same people with different names. Also, something I find strange, is that in most of his books dark-haired people are good, and blondes are villains. Not that it means much, but I find it funny.
   Dean Koontz and Stephen King being compared in popular media is just plain stupid. I guess to some folks, just because they are both bestsellers in the same genre that makes them comparable. I have one thing to say in comparison. Dean Koontz beats Stephen King for SPINE-TINGLING quality in two books (I absolutely LOVE Stephen King btw, and I have read almost all his works).
These books are 'Seize The Night' and 'False Memory.'  For those of you who love a good raise-the hair-on-the-back-of-your-neck story, read those and SK's 'Duma Key'. 
I have now begun Clive Barker's 'Weaveworld'.
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