Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My beadwork area was a horribly cluttered dining room table until yesterday, with a lipped 'cart' on wheels that I fashioned to keep my beads faced and organized on. I had been waiting for the opportunity to buy some narrow desks or tables to make an L shaped studio. Well, yesterday there was this nice man cleaning his garage who not only sold me 2 tables for a mere $25, but trucked them to my house. Ta-dah!

I dream of shelves of some sort along the wall above the tables, and I will have to get creative with the wide table at the back, but it's a start. (Note the Baskin Robbins sample spoons, very useful =)
And then there's this, which I may or may not dismantle yet:

There are some awfully blurry pictures of this in one of my previous posts. I might just transfer the blue shelves to the wide wood tabletop? Hmm...


  1. Hi. How I have organized my studio is that I take the floating shelves and hange them on the wall and use votive glass candle holder (see thru) and small square asain type dish that is about half an inch tall to hold my beads. I put the shelf in neat designs and the beads look like colored candles hanging on the wall. I can then walk around the room when I need to put colors together.
    Just an idea. I love it.

  2. That sounds really beautiful Katie. It wouldn't be functional for me, but it definitely sounds cool. Do you have pics posted?