Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good Pics are a Science

Finally getting there! This little 6.0 megapixel is giving me pictures that I did not think were possible without a fancy schmancy Nikon or Canon. What can be done with a scanner is impressive for a scanner, or just surprising. There was too much color distortion and fuzziness for online selling, and it got a lot of much needed criticism in the Artfire forums. But thanks to a lot of helpful suggestions and advice I am now taking true-to-life pictures, after much frustration trying to figure out the settings on my camera with no manual. (There is a manual online that is generalized for several different Samsung models that do not have the same features). For anyone who takes pictures indoors with little sunlight, I strongly recommend an Ott light (natural, white light) and a white sheet, tent, or light box to trap and condense a lot of light into a small area for your photographs.
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