Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let's 'ave a Bevvy

Bottled drinks  have their cons, in fact, at least to me, more cons than pros. Diet sodas aren't all that tasty, or healthy. Juice blends and bottled teas have their lists of junk ingredients and too much sugar. Bottled teas that are actually any good are usually pricey...and I like real sugar, just a lot less.

That's why I brew my own iced tea, and with some creativity, it never gets boring. Eight tea bags to a 2 qt. pitcher with 1/4 cup real, old-fashioned sugar. At $2.00 to $3.25 at the most, per 20 tea bags, bottled or powdered stuff can't compete with that, esp. when you have so much more control over what goes in it.

My favorite is the French Vanilla flavored black tea Bigelow makes. (Some of you are going,' What About the Caffeine!')
I don't have a problem with natural caffeine so much (I am a coffee lover), but then I blend the Vanilla half-and-half with fruity herbal teas, raspberry being my favorite so far. I like the Peach that Bigelow makes too. I went on a white tea kick for a while too, which is very healthy, and has a mild, refreshing flavor without the grassiness of fully green tea. I don't much care for the citrus flavored white teas, as they make it taste like Fruit Loops. Fruit Loops are okay, I guess, I just don't want to drink them. Maybe the kids?

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