Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm Gonna Cry

 5/21 EDIT: This bulldozing of the Cedar Center is not verified, and the person who told me this should not have; this could happen, and I hope it wont, but it's only a rumor at this point.

In my town we have a very old and much loved building: The Lancaster Cedar Center for The Arts. It offers classes and workshops for writing, dancing, singing, acting, and all that is aesthetically and culturally precious. On Thursday nights there is an open mic, which is free and uncensored, open to everyone.
But the city is in debt, and on the Open Mic 2 year anniversary I found out that this beautiful artifact of a building is going to be bulldozed, to make way for something...more lucrative I guess? They are restructuring the entire boulevard- to compete with Palmdale I suppose. I wish there was something we could do to stop it, but I guess the people are no match when it comes to big business.
Video from open mic
 This is Nina serving her 'Sexy Cake' at the Open Mic anniversary. Sorry for the blur


  1. Could they move this beloved building? They do that alot here in Portland. We do a lot of recycling in Portland LOL even with buildings. I just started to follow your blog and am enjoying catching up. :)

  2. If the threat gets serious, I just might suggest that. But then, it is huge, and very old. If I go to the Open Mic this thurs I'll snap some pictures of the whole place and get more info on its' history