Monday, June 28, 2010

Twelve Days of Christmas in July-Tree Ornaments

I had these already baked, just unpainted, from last year. They are made from a dough of flour and salt. I recently found out that Artfire was doing a Twelve Days of Christmas in July promotion. So I dug these out and got busy painting.
Now I had only discovered, during the roll out of the last batch of dough, that you get better results if you let the cut-outs sit and dry overnight before baking. They puff up and bubble less if you do it this way, and result in more defined pattern indentation, nice and flat with a clean, professional finish. (It's still cute for the santa bellies to puff out though, lol). So I can do better, but I'm dreading baking when it's already +80 degrees inside, and 90-100 out.

These get painted and then sprayed with high gloss enamel. I did up a batch of stars, too, with a heavy layer of fine glitter glued to their 1/3 inch thick edges. But I made the mistake of lacquering the stars, when I should have left them matte-because, even when dry, the glitter sticks to the gloss and spoiled my 'edges only' design.
Ugh, it's hot. Need I say, "a crafters work is never done?"



  1. I love the Christmas ornaments! I'm off to check out your studio. Hope you have some listed!